Equity Release

A retirement free of money worries is a goal for most people but many find themselves with plenty of capital in their home that would be more useful if it were in the bank.

Whether it is for a world cruise or everyday comforts, we can help you ensure freeing up the equity in your property is a smooth process.

We have vast experience in the sometimes complicated legal aspects of Equity Release. There are two main types of schemes, lifetime mortgages, where a mortgage is taken out against the property which is repaid when the homeowner dies or no longer needs a home and home reversion plans. With these, the homeowner sells all or part of the property to a reversion company.

We will help you through the searches, dealing with the mortgage lender, paying off any outstanding borrowing and understanding the tax implications.  In addition, we have registered Independent Financial Advisors on hand to ensure you make investment choices that mean your money will be safe until you need it.

Our services to you:

Provision of lump sum or income  
Inheritance Tax Planning  
Financial Advice

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