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Boundaries and Rights of Way

For peace of mind that your property has well defined boundaries and is not open to claims from neighbours, we can help you understand this potentially complex area of property ownership.

Whether a neighbour disputes the boundary of your property, or you find yourself in need of clarification over a right of way through a field, garden or shared access, we aim to find the simplest solution.  If we can’t establish a clear answer by looking at the deeds, we can visit the property and carry out detailed checks.

Rights of Way can involve sensitive dealings to establish who owns an area, which properties have a right of way across it and who is responsible for the cost of maintenance.  Often we can advise on this by interpreting the title deeds but once again we can also carry out a visit or work with our Disputes Team if necessary.

Our aim is always to keep things simple and reach a swift conclusion without the need for litigation.

Our services to you:

Property checks Land Registry handling
Boundary dispute resolution Litigation – if the dispute cannot be resolved


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