Advance Decisions

Worries about failing health are a part of life. But we are here to ensure legal issues are not added to your list of concerns. We’ll help you think and plan ahead with an Advance Decision.

A Living Will or Advance Decision, as it is now known, allows you to set out your preferences for medical treatment ahead of any serious medical problems or terminal illness. If you should ever fall so ill, for example from a coma or dementia, that you cannot communicate with doctors, it states clearly what medical care you want. This includes life-prolonging medical treatment or a refusal to have specified treatment.

Your medical circumstances could, for example, be a physical illness which is so serious that life is nearing an end and there is no likelihood of recovery or a permanent serious mental impairment.

You do not have to justify what you include in your Advance Decision. All that is required is that you had the capacity when the document was prepared.

It is a sensitive subject, but one that people are increasingly addressing in the hope of easing the burden on loved ones. Doctors are legally bound to respect a decision to refuse treatment if it is set out in an Advance Decision. You can also use an Advance Decision to request treatment, but this is not legally binding.

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