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Special Guardianship & Adoption

Special Guardianship Orders are used in family circumstances where a child doesn’t live with their birth parents but is being looked after by friends or other members of the family, for example, grandparents or extended family.

Whilst there still remains a legal link between a child and parents, a Special Guardianship Order grants the Special Guardian overall responsibility for making all the crucial decisions about the child’s welfare and upbringing.

At Scott Richards, we have a wide range of experience with helping people who are not the natural parents of a child to take legal responsibility for them through Special Guardianship Order.  This not only gives the child a sense of stability but also peace of mind for the Special Guardian that they will have a long-lasting bond with that child.

Adoption is the legal process whereby parental responsibility is transferred from someone initially holding parental responsibility for a child to adoptive parents, making that child a new legal member of their family.  Only in very exceptional circumstances is an adoption order reversed.

We have the experience to guide you through the lengthy and complicated adoption process so that you and your family can become legally established.

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