Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, we can help and advise you in complete confidence, so don’t delay contacting us.

Domestic abuse can take many different forms – it can be harassment, threatening or violent behaviour, sexual abuse, financial abuse or emotional and verbal abuse – but it relates specifically to a domestic setting, for example, such as in the home, between members of the family or between partners in a relationship.

This type of abuse can have a devastating effect not only on you but also on your children, so although it may seem difficult to acknowledge and to come to terms with, if you are affected by this in any way, it is imperative to get help.

We can work with the Police and the Court on your behalf, to obtain a Non-Molestation Order, an Occupation Order or a Civil Injunction to keep your abuser at bay, ensuring that you get the protection you and your family need.

Our services to you:

Advice on what constitutes abuse Civil Injunctions
Court Orders Protecting children
Occupation Orders Legal Aid funding
Non-Molestation Orders  

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