Compromise Agreements

If you have recently been involved in a dispute with your employer, or with your employee, or there’s a redundancy situation, we can help you bring all parties to the table to negotiate a Compromise Agreement.

A Compromise Agreement or Severance Agreement, as it is also known, is usually created in exchange for an additional payment or other benefits. However, some cases can be far from straightforward and, to protect your best interests, we can guide you through the process.

If you are an employee, we can represent you in negotiations with your employer about the terms of the Compromise Agreement, including the financial compensation.  We can also advise you on the specific terms of the compromise agreement, ensuring that you understand the limits that it will be likely to impose on any future employment tribunal claims you might make. If you are an employer, we can help you determine a fair agreement that removes the potential of further repercussions in the future.

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