Happy 20th Building Anniversary!

It’s been 20 years since Scott Richards took up residence in our beautiful listed building in Regent Street, Teignmouth!

Pictured in the “blast from the past” is Senior Partner, Paul Dyson and Partner, Pennie Lennon on opening day in 1999, after a busy 3 days of moving offices from Wellington Street just across the road.


Pictured outside the building today are just some of our wonderful Scott Richards team of 2019.

Before we moved in, the building had previously been used as a bank, a printing press and a steam laundry. If anyone has any old photographs, or memories from the building before we moved in, we’d love you to share them with us via Facebook or Twitter or via email to law@scottrichards.co.uk

We’d like to thank all of our clients, staff, families and suppliers both past and present for helping us to achieve this memorable milestone. Here’s to the next 20 years!


Scott Richards

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Teignmouth TQ14 8SL


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