Our Commitment to the Environment

Here at Scott Richards Solicitors we would very much like the world to be “green”. We are committed members of the Law Society’s Legal Sector Alliance and as such we strive to run the firm in harmony with the environment.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • identify and measure the environmental impacts of our firm
  • establish annual targets to reduce our environmental impact and strive for continuous improvement
  • integrate environmental impact as a factor in the firm’s decisions
  • educate employees, clients and suppliers to make more sustainable choices at work and at home
  • encourage employees, clients and suppliers to be environmentally responsible
  • communicate this policy and our environmental programs to employees, clients and suppliers.

Our commitments are :

  • To reduce our carbon footprint
    There are several different ways to measure a firms carbon footprint. By being members of the Legal sector Alliance we have adopted a protocol which improves transparency, consistency and comparability within the sector. The protocol has been developed in consultation with the Carbon Trust. The calculation methodology and technical content of the measurement tool have been verified by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management.
  • To reduce our use of resources
    There are generally recognised three main areas where our effect on the environment is arguably the greatest. These are energy usage in buildings, business travel and paper/resource usage.
  • To engage our employees
    Collectively the legal sector in England and Wales employs around 150,000 people. Therefore, engaging employees in climate change activities is a key way for firms to reduce their carbon emissions and for those employees to practice at home what is being preached at work.
  • To work with our client and suppliers
    At Scott Richards Solicitors we feel we can make a significant environmental impact both upstream (the impact of its suppliers and their products) and downstream (the impact of transactions conducted by clients with the firm’s advice).

These are some of the steps already taken by Scott Richards solicitors:

  • Recycling/ Resource Use
  • We provide either glasses, mugs or disposable cups
  • We recycle as much as possible; paper, card, glass, plastic, aluminium, CDs, batteries, old phones
  • We compost food waste
  • We recycle used toner cartridges
  • We recycle old computer equipment by giving it to local charities or community groups
  • At Christmas, we make a donation to charity rather than sending cards
  • We use local suppliers/caterers where possible
  • We have a staff book exchange scheme.

Paper Use:

  • We only print when necessary
  • We use 100% recycled paper
  • We recycle all ‘scrap’ paper
  • We print double-sided
  • We send internal memos electronically

Energy Use:

  • We minimise our energy costs by ensuring that all equipment and lights are turned off when not in use
  • We turn off the heating before opening windows

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